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celebrating individuals who started out their professional careers in the ADR field. Hear stories about paths they followed, advice they received, challenges they faced, and accomplishments they achieved.


The ADR as 1st Career blog started as a way to celebrate the stories of individuals who successfully launched a career in Alternative Dispute Resolution right after, or soon after, graduating with an advanced degree. But after collecting over 50 examples of individuals who chose to pursue their passion instead of following more traditional career paths, the blog now dispels the myth that you must first establish a reputation and expertise in another substantive area before starting out in ADR. These individuals practicing in diverse areas with diverse positions and titles, and they all love what they do.

The blog is organized chronologically based on when individuals filmed their video. You can also search for specific people in the search bar or search for stories based on your own interests by selecting the “Search Similar Stories” button above.

We are here to support you and are excited to help you explore ADR as a 1st Career. #ItIsPossible


A brief introduction to the ADR as 1st Career video blog